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Ignite Closes Its Doors For Good

We have faced a lot of challenges since March 2020. The Pandemic of course brought its fair share of issues we had to adapt to and overcome, but we remain proud of ourselves for combatting everything that was thrown our way. Moving all our classes online so our clients could continue their fitness during lockdown was our first test but proved so vital for our clients physical and mental health. Later, social distancing became a problem for the viability of our small Kingsbridge studio, leading to our relocation to Loddiswell.

Was this a good move considering we had already established ourselves in Kingsbridge? It's hard to say, but it necessary to keep running whilst respecting the social distancing regulations.

Our time in Loddiswell has been full of ups and downs. We attracted new clients, clients who remain some of our most dedicated to this day and of course we managed to keep some of our loyal veterans from Kingsbridge too. Unfortunately, however, times have changed so much since the days of sharing my humble little studio with Aaron form Marvel.

The Pandemic affected and continues to affect us all. Cost of living has sky rocketed. Fuel prices are posing a problem. Peoples priorities and behaviours are more considered now. We've personally had to change staff and in our local area specifically, there is now a lot more competition in the fitness industry.

This year, so much has played against us and although we have always approached every challenge head on and have tried to flow with the times, sometimes no matter how much you want to prevail, life has a different plan for you. I believe now everything has its time, and boy what a time we've had.

We want to thank everyone who has walked through our doors, joined us in the school gym, tennis courts or anywhere else we found ourselves teaching. Hey, we made it to 6 years, and we will always be so very grateful for all the amazing times we shared with you all. The years of weekly packed out classes across the board, the 25+ pairs of Pound sticks all drumming in unison, the hips swaying to Remedy, the base beating through our bikes, the buckets of sweat that have been shed, the steamed up mirrors, the spinners and pounders online turning their homes into studios but most of all, the laughter and friendships that have been made. I think we can all agree, it's been a hell of a ride.

Thank you, love from Kate, Sammie and Hannah xxx

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