"Trying not to think about the studio classes coming to an end. Classes like last night don't exist anywhere else!!" 

Abi Heath


Sharing my passion for health & fitness has become something I love to offer and share with others. I have three things in abundance; energy, drive, & enthusiasm for what I do. If these are attributes you feel you are lacking when it comes to taking control of your own fitness, let me offer you some of mine! 

I will support you in all aspects of fitness & nutrition but feel strongly that, in order to progress and improve, you need to make your health a priority. So if you are serious & commit to the process, I am ready to support you.


Spin is a high-intensity exercise on a stationary bike. It combines cardio & strength training in a single calorie-crunching session! It is great for improving your cardiovascular (heart) health, toning muscle & weight management. Spin is low impact so is recommended

by Physiotherapists to aid the recovery of many back,

knee & hip injuries. 

If you have a spin bike at home, I have the classes

for you. Gain access to my extensive library of pre recorded classes with my online monthly subscription.

Online Subscription - £20 pm | Cancel Anytime



Pound is a phenominom. This class has been one of our most popular over the years. It is a full body, aerobic workout using slightly weighted drum sticks. It compiles cardio, plyometrics, strength & pilates & will improve your coordination, agility & cardiovascular health. Expect to gain beautifully toned limbs

& release a whole bunch of stress!

Access my extensive library of pre recorded classes with my online monthly subscription.

Online Subscription - £20 pm | Cancel Anytime



Live & Online

Kukuwa African Dance is a beautiful fusion of fun & fitness. This vibrant class offers you a more relaxed approach to exercise although you can still expect to work up a sweat. This class will have you smiling while

you move your body to those truly exciting

African beats.

Live - Ignite Fitness Studio in Loddiswel - Thursday 7pm

Online - £20 pm | Cancel Anytime


On Zoom

Ignite 25 is for people who are serious about improving their physical fitness. Although only 

25 minutes long, it is every bit as challenging

as a 60 minute circuit session. 

Using no equipment, this bodyweight programme will vastly improve your cardiovascular fitness & muscle tone in record time! Ignite 25 does however command your commitment because doing a 25 minute class 3 times a month is not enough! Make no mistake you will be put to the test but if you are serious about improving, challenging or measuring your fitness & you commit to the process, you will see the results you crave.

Zoom - Monday & Wednesday 6pm

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